Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Work Group Meeting

February 14-15, 2018


AMWG 2018 02


February 14-15, 2018


Andrea Travnicek, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Water and Science and Secretary’s Designee Alternate; Brent Rhees, Upper Colorado Regional Director, Designated Federal Officer; Katrina Grantz, Chief, Adaptive Management Group; Mary Orton, The Mary Orton Company.

Attendees introduced themselves. Andrea welcomed newly nominated AMWG and TWG members Jim Strogen (recreational fly fishing, TWG), Richard Begay (Navajo Nation nominated AMWG member), and Steve Johnson (WAPA nominated AMWG member) to their first meeting. She noted that there were three stakeholders whose member and alternate status were awaiting confirmation, and though they could not participate in voting on motions, they were welcome at the table and in all discussions: State of Arizona, State of Colorado, and WAPA.

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