Glen Canyon Adaptive Management Work Group (AMWG)

Minutes of July 21­-22, 1999 Meeting


AMWG 1999 07


July 21­-22, 1999


Stephen Magnussen introduced the four new members of the AMWG: Brenda Drye, Southern Paiute Consortium; Arden Kucate, Pueblo of Zuni; Peter Evans, State of Colorado; and Mary Orton, American Rivers.

Paul Atkinson is here representing the Phoenix television station, KAET. He will be creating a program on the Glen Canyon Adaptive Management Program (AMP).

On the recent AMWG river trip, the acting Deputy Secretary for Interior, David Hayes, challenged the group with making an additional public relations effort for the Adaptive Management Program. A small AMWG group was formed and Reclamation has contracted with

Scott Jackson from Salt Lake City to photograph portions of today’s meeting for use as part of this effort.

Council member Cisney Havatone of the Hualapai Tribe was introduced. The committee members, member alternates and visitors were welcomed to the Adaptive Management Work Group meeting.

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