Korman, Josh

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2015 Melis, Walters and Korman, Surprise and Opportunity for Learning in Grand Canyon, the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program
2015 Finch et al., Assessing Juvenile Native Fish Demographic Responses to a Steady Flow Experiment in a Large Regulated River
2014 Yackulic, Yard, Korman and Van Haverbeke, A Quantitative Life History of Endangered Humpback Chub that Spawn in the Little Colorado River, Variation in Movement, Growth, and Survival
While the ecology and evolution of partial migratory systems (defined broadly to include skip spawning) have been well studied, we are only beginning to under- stand how partial migratory populations are responding to ongoing environmen- tal change. Environmental change can lead to differences in the fitness of residents and migrants, which could eventually lead to […]
2000 Ecosystem Modeling for Evaluation of Adaptive Management Policies in the Grand Canyon