Glen Canyon Dam Technical Work Group Webinar/Conference Call

October 12, 2017


TWG 2017 10


October 12, 2017


Mr. Shanahan welcomed the members and the public. Introductions were made and a quorum determined.

  • Approval of August 30-31, 2017, Meeting Minutes. Approval postponed until the January 2018 meeting.
  • Next Meeting Dates: Annual Reporting Meeting on Jan. 23-24 and TWG Meeting on Jan. 25. Greater effort will bemade to set the ARM/TWG meetings in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  • Cultural Resources Update – Ms. Grantz. Much of the function of this group has been subsumed into the PASignatories Group. The CRAHG could be re-established to deal with specific issues that arise. Kurt Dongoske wants to step down as the chair. If anyone is interested in being the CRAHG chair, please let Seth know. This will be added for further discussion at upcoming TWG meetings.
  • Update on Monitoring and Research Trips – Mr. VanderKooi. The current list (Attachment 1) will be posted on the meeting page. If there are other trips planned, provide that information to Linda.
    • Ms. Balsom – The Park will be looking at their Colorado River Management Plan issues, archeological sites and some other things. They’re hoping to get on the water in November.
    • Mr. Mann – They just got off the river for their Diamond Creek fall monitoring trip and will be sending a few folks to help with the Little Colorado River monitoring that USFWS does.
  • Update on Potential Rainbow Trout Stocking in Glen Canyon – Mr. Mann said there is no update at this time but AZGFD continues to take comments on the stocking and James deVos is the point of contact. Mr. Dahl said he wrote to the AZGFD and never got a response and wondered if there is a written stocking proposal being solicited for comments. Mr. Mann will follow-up and get back to Mr. Dahl.
  • Other Updates.
    • Green Sunfish Treatment – Mr. Hyde. A GCMRC crew went out yesterday to do one last look at the ponds and the upper slough. The treatment is 100% complete and they’re starting fresh again. Exclusion barriers are in place. Since there will not be an HFE this fall, they’re not anticipating fish getting back into the slough. They will monitoring but won’t do weekly treatments. Another crew will go out next month to take water samples until conditions return to pre-treatment levels for ammonia, nitrates, and nitrides. A report will be distributed later this year related to using the dry formulation of ammonia to include their observations for the black plastic treatment.
    • BT Workshop – Ms. Grantz. The workshop was held Sept. 21-22, 2017, in Tempe, Arizona. There was a great presentation by the Pueblo of Zuni related to their perspectives of the Canyon along with great scientific discussion on possible causes and risks and potential management actions. A draft white paper was sent out prior to the workshop and will be revised to include more detail about management options. Notes from the BT Workshop will also be part of the BT Workshop Report.
    • Non-Native Fish Update – Mr. Billerbeck. NPS is working on agreements with cooperating agencies The first meeting will be either on Oct 23 or 27. A request for public comments will tentatively be announced for mid- late November with scoping meetings to be held in December in Flagstaff and Page and one public webinar.

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